The Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management is offered at level 8 of the NQF (HEQSF aligned) and consists of 120 credits. This Diploma is aimed at people in, or moving towards a senior marketing position, who already hold a recognised undergraduate qualification and want to enhance their marketing skills and knowledge.

 The programme is divided up as follows:

  • Submission of assignments in each module except Advanced Marketing Practicum and Project 4. (Refer to the Calendar of Events).
  • An open book examination in each module, except Advanced Marketing Practicum and Project 4. (Refer to the Calendar of Events).
  • Completion of a marketing practicum and project. No assignment or examination is required. There will be a practical assessment.
  • All modules on the programme are compulsory.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management can be completed within a minimum of one year but must be completed within four years.

Learning Outcomes

There are nine learning outcomes in this programme

  • Demonstrate advanced management knowledge and how it links to the discipline of marketing.
  • Understand the requirements of, and take full responsibility for, a senior marketing management position, and lead a marketing team in an organisation.
  • Conduct an assessment of an organisation's internal conditions and capabilities, as well as the external environment, and link its resources with desirable marketing options.
  • Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the national and international economic context and systems within which organisations operate and link these to marketing opportunities.
  • Critically select and evaluate information and processes for the purpose of designing a strategic marketing plan.
  • Develop and implement an advanced strategic marketing plan and communicate it to relevant role players.
  • Produce and communicate information in a business environment with respect to conventions around intellectual property, copyright and plagiarism.
  • Evaluate the success of strategic marketing process as an input for future decisions.
  • Master life-long learning strategies in the field of marketing management.


This programme consists of five modules and is structured as follows:

  • Advanced Brand Management 4 (20 credits)
  • Advanced Digital Marketing 4 (20 credits)
  • Advanced Global Marketing 4 (20 credits)
  • Advanced Marketing Practicum and Project 4 (40 credits)
  • Advanced Strategic Marketing: Theory and Practice 4 (20 credits)

See the Yearbook for Syllabi outline of each module